Ohio Man Drops Cocaine in Traffic Court

I’m sure that this started off as any other day for this guy, a morning stretch, a coffee, a little blow, and off to traffic court.  Back in the late 1970s, cocaine became a major party drug because at that time it was believed it was a “light” drug, one that would not cause any harm or long-term damage to the brain.  The guy in the video proves much different.  Addiction causes a very different thought process, and I’m sure that this guy thought that sneaking his cocaine into court was fine because he was only “going to be there a minute”.  (watch what happens about 22 seconds into the video).

Working in a secure court building, I have to ask myself repeatedly…”How did he get that into the courthouse?”  It may sound strange to say but “luckily” it was cocaine, but this could have been a very different situation.  I’m sure this video sparked quite the conversation at the security staff meeting.


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